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Dearest Friends,

MaLu and LuMaLu, brands represent an initiative to have love overcome the unfortunate circumstances that our most vulnerable people suffer from locally and around the world communities.  Our products have manifested from the unshakable will to create a stable platform for which all our people can propel from into this magnificent world. Each shoe, handbag, and accessory is an affirmation of MaLu’s dedication to this pursuit. Each of our designs is a reflection of what MaLu sees in this world. Beauty, clarity, vibrancy, eternal colors and patterns. It is through these very designs which MaLu works to accrue 5% of every pre-tax sale to donate to organizations that are pursuing their own dreams of helping the world’s most vulnerable people.  MaLu recognizes strength in numbers, therefore happily works to donate money to already existing organizations.

MaLu also has a dream of creating “Welcome Homes” around the world which will provide shelter, food, education, medical support and tangible skills at no cost, to create a platform for people to recover and further re-propel into society.

Contribute to this dream by purchasing any one of MaLu or LuMaLu products. Feel proud knowing that the brand you are wearing is working to bring you accessories inspired by this magnificent world, while also helping to push this biosphere up from the bottom. 

With all the Love in the world,




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